Explaining the Healthcare Crisis for Native Americans in 4 Points

Here at Comprehensive Coverage LLC in Oklahoma, we understand that the healthcare crisis in Native American communities is a complex issue that requires attention and understanding. While we offer comprehensive health insurance plans to the Native American communities, there is still much to understand about their healthcare crisis.

Native American woman and children

1. Limited Access to Healthcare

Many Native American communities are rural and lack access to basic healthcare services. This is due to a funding shortage and the geographic isolation of these communities. This lack of access hinders medical treatment outcomes, as specialized care is vital in diagnosing and treating diseases.

Native American woman

2. Culture Barrier

Another significant issue in the healthcare crisis for Native Americans is the cultural barrier that many Native Americans face when seeking medical care. Historical trauma and mistreatment have caused many Native Americans to distrust mainstream healthcare systems. This distrust, paired with a lack of culturally sensitive care and trained providers, further worsens healthcare access.

Native American woman and child

3. Underfunded Indian Health Service

The Indian Health Service (IHS), the federal agency responsible for providing healthcare to Native Americans, is significantly underfunded. This has led to a shortage of healthcare providers, outdated facilities, and limited resources for preventative care and education.

Native American woman

4. Lack of Health Insurance Coverage

Many Native Americans rely on the IHS for their healthcare needs. However, this coverage is often inadequate and may not cover specific services, which means they need another form.

Unfortunately, many Native American opt out due to cost concerns. In fact, the uninsured rate for Native Americans in 2021 was 18.8%; they are more likely to be uninsured than any other racial or ethnic group in the United States.

Here at Comprehensive Coverage LLC, we want to help Native Americans who are in need of comprehensive health insurance plans. We believe that healthcare is a necessity, not a privilege. If you or someone you know needs health coverage, contact us today!

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